Sangaste Castle has been a place where good thoughts and ideas have arisen for centuries…

Today, seminars and training events can be held in various rooms throughout the castle, depending on the number of participants. Catering available from the castle restaurant, accommodation for participants at the castle hotel.

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Up to15 people, diplomat style

  • November- April  25 €/h
  • May – October  40€/h

Rye room

Up to 30 people, workshop style
or up to 50 people, theatre style.

  • November – April  25€/h
  • May – October  40€/h

Spanish Room

Up to 50 people workshop style
or up to 100 people theatre style.

  • November – April  40 €/h
  • May – October 60€/h


Up to 100 people workshop style
or up to 300 people theatre style.

  • November – April  60 €/h
  • May – October 80 €/h